Update Friday 22/11/19

For the most current & up to date information regarding Pick Your Own Cherries & opening times, please visit our Facebook page:

We look forward to welcoming you to Stella Creek for the 2019 Season.

How to Pick Cherries

Never picked a cherry before? Watch this video to see how easy it is.

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Magnificent Location

Enjoy the beautiful gardens and stunning views, as well as our cherries.

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24 Cherry Varieties

Big/Small. Red/White. Sweet/Sour. And everything in between!

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Food & Drinks

On the weekends we have sausage sizzle and home made icecream. Drinks every day!

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What Visitors Say

  •  Vanessa Locke – My kids were lucky enough to experience their first cherry pick last Thursday in your amazing orchard. The bounty was superb! Jubilant, rotund, sweet and fleshy! I was the envy at morning tea break These cherries are clearly tended with passion.                                                                                                                                                                                              16 December 2014
  •  Myles DJctoafn5 star Place is awesome, you certainly feel like you earn your cherries (which is the whole idea) but the reward is frssh as can br crazy good cherries in beautiful scenery. Doesn’t get much better
    15 December 2014
  •  Sharmin Ahmed5 star The cherries are huge!! And the cherry ripple ice cream was heavenly. Had an awesome day.
    12 December 2014
  •  Robbie Dutton5 star Great place to visit with friendly staff working there and great tasting fruit
    7 December 2014

See you next year and thank you for sharing your awesome cherries with us all.
Donna Taylor, 2012-12 via Facebook

What an awesome 1st time Cherry picking with my husband and 3 kids. Have to say everyone was really really friendly and helpful. Thank you so much. Came away with just over 3kgs of cherries which some have now been turned into my 1st ever cherry pie.... yum yum yum. See you again next year :)
Amanda Burgess, 2012-12 via Facebook

Had a great time with my 2 boys there on Wednesday. We picked Summit and Lapin cherries and are so yummy! I recommend both types hope to go next cherry season.
Anastasia Tassis, 2012-12 via Facebook

We had a blast this morn at Stella Creek. Have a lovely xmas to all the staffs!! They were so friendly!
Kieu Rammal, 2012-12 via Facebook
The entire area is protected by beautifully set-up 15ft permanent netting, so you don't have to lower your head and feel like an Emu. The owners are nice and warm. The cherries are extremely fresh and sweet.
A Google User, 2011-12
A great place to spend your day! ….. Pleasant drive and easy to pick. My partner and I enjoyed our first cherries pick very much. Will definitely go for another day later this year! Stella Creek is really a great place!
A Google User, 2011-12
This was my first experience at PYO cherries or anything in fact. I was a little apprehensive. It turned out to be a great experience because of the folks at Stella Creek Farm. The area is absolutely beautiful and the cherries were premium. Fresh cherry pie tonight!
A Google User, 2011-12
We visited the Stella Creek cherry Orchard for the first time last weekend (Saturday, 12 December). What an amazing difference! The orchard is so neat and beautiful, the trees are pruned and the fruit is magnificent. The staff were extremely friendly and we had a lovely outing. It really is a magical experience. We will be back again before Christmas!
Ellen S., 2009