Its almost over! The cherry season at Stella Creek that is! We will be open for our last pick of the season tomorrow (Friday 27 Dec) morning from 9am. We expect to be sold out within a few hours (and definitely all over by 12 noon) as the later varieties just havent cropped much at all (due to the quality of this cherry season). We have approx 200kg left and then that will be it until Nov 2014. Doh!

Varities left are Dame Roma (approx 10kg), Vics (approx 90kg), Black Douglas (approx 30kg), Simone (approx 20kg), and Morellos (a sour cherry – approx 35kg). Usually we would have approx 2 tonne left at this stage of the season – so we are at about 10% of normal quantity.

The easiest picking will be first thing on Friday morning and then they will thin out fairly quickly (as the easiest cherries are picked). Then go looking behind leaves, gently lift up branches, look low, look high (you can gently pull down branches to pick high cherries as the branches are flexible).

The season is ending with a whimper rather than a bang which is sad, but at least we had a season and for that we are grateful! Some other growers didnt get to pick a single cherry this season.  This year, we are amongst the lucky ones.

If you have visited Stella Creek to pick some cherries in the last 5 weeks, we thank you!  If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t have a cherry farm and we love living at Stella Creek and growing cherries. You make it possible.  So really, THANK YOU! We wish you the very best for 2014 and look forward to seeing you back to pick cherries again in 2014-15.  The years are rushing by now so next season will be here in a jiffy!