We have also obtained accreditations for our orchards and packing shed. These include:

Freshcare is the national, on-farm food safety program for the fresh produce industry. Freshcare links food safety on farm to the quality and food safety programs of the other members of the fresh produce supply chain.

Based on HACCP principles, Freshcare provides independent verification that a recognized food safety program is followed by the certified enterprises. Freshcare was developed in response to requests from growers, wholesalers, packers, and processors for a food safety program that met the requirements of both retailers and food safety legislation.

All major customer groups recognize Freshcare as an appropriate on-farm food safety system. Both Woolworths and Coles require that all growers whose product is destined for their shelves (via a direct supplier – Co-op, wholesaler or broker) must have a certified food safety system, such as Freshcare, in place.