2022-2023 Season

The table below outlines the likely order of harvest for the varieties we have at Stella Creek. Moss Early should be picked on the 1st day of harvest, Vista around the 6th day of harvest and Vega on the 11th day of harvest. So if we start for example on 1 December, then Vega should be picked about the 12th December (that is about 11 days later). The ripening of cherries is of course affected by the weather so this is a guide only!

Harvest Timetable (in Days)


Australise, Merchant and Moss Early

All early season, medium to large dark fruit. Moss Early is small to medium in size and moderate sweetness; Australise a lovely tasting cherry and very good size; Merchant a beautiful large, heart shaped dark red cherry.



An early large, round, heart shaped dark red cherry, sweet and delicious similar to Bing but ripens a couple of weeks earlier.



Vista is the first after Merchant of the larger sized cherries. It ripens mid season and has mahogany skin and light coloured flesh. It is moderate in taste and is medium to large, roundish shaped. It is a firm cherry with good storage potential.



Mid season, white fleshed cherry, with red/gold blush skin tone. Medium to large in size and medium sweetness – a delicious refreshing tasting cherry. Vega has a cult following due to its unique taste!


Ron’s Seedling

Dark (almost black) in colour, but pleasantly surprising cherry which rewards the adventurous cherry lover. This is a very popular cherry.



Mid season, light in colour with strong, sweet taste. It is among the largest of the cherry varieties. This is a beautifully shaped cherry (heart shape) and is a delight to eat. Because of its size and other qualities, Summit commands a premium price at market.



Some say Van is the best tasting cherry of them all! It is a stocky, short stemmed, shiny red commercial cherry produced in volume. It has moderate sugar levels tending towards a spicy flavour. Much sought after cherry.



Large, fine quality deep red fruit with a sweet, vibrant flavour. Large, firm fruit with excellent storage potential. For these reasons, Bing is the leading commercial variety in the USA.



Late season, large, almost black cherry. Dark red skin with red flesh and an attractive heart shape. Sweet and firm—the perfect cherry for Christmas!



Red heart-shaped mid-season cherry that is well-flavoured and sweet. Mid red skin with lighter flesh and large in size. This is our flagship cherry.Enjoy!



A medium size, sweet red cherry.



Attractive dark red cherry with red flesh. A firm , large sized cherry that is delicious and very sweet. Lapins resist splitting!



Mid to late season, firm medium size heart-shaped cherry. Dark red skin with red flesh. Well flavoured although not too sweet.


Morello (sour cherry)

A late season dark small fruit best used in preserves, jams etc.


Black Douglas

Late season dark mahogany long stemmed cherry. Taut skin with dark red flesh and juice. Medium to large sized, firm cherry.


Dame Roma

Large, firm, mahogany coloured, late season fruit……absolutely beautiful when left on the tree to truly ripen!

This information regarding each variety has been sourced from www.cherryfresh.com the website of a wholesale cherry market in WA, and has been adapted to reflect the unique qualities of the Stella Creek orchard.