PYO Things To Know!

Sensible clothing such as jeans or long pants, hat, closed in flat shoes. Always bring a jacket or jumper – it is often much cooler up here than in the city!

Aerogard or insect repellant; sunscreen

Water bottle ……..cold drinks are available to buy if you forget!

Esky or cooler bag – to keep your cherries cool after picking!

For parents with infants, we would recommend bringing some form of baby carrier or sling rather than attempting to push a pram around the orchard. Uneven surfaces make for hard work with a pram!

Entry Fee:
Adults $9  Children (under 12) $2


Please remember all the cherries you PICK and put in your bucket you PAY for and TAKE HOME with you. You pick, come back to the Shed and the cherries are weighed, you pay and you take them home and enjoy! The price per kilo will vary each season but their taste and freshness is priceless!

EFTPOS is available for your convenience.

Drive park on Plummers Road near our entrance and PLEASE be aware of children running around!

Check in at the Shed to pay your entry fee, collect your buckets & picking information

Go into the orchard, see a Stella Creek guide who will show you how to pick, where to pick & what to pick

Have fun & pick your sweet, ripe cherries:

****Only pick from the trees the guide shows you – the other trees may not yet be ready for picking so the fruit will be immature/not ripe – cherries do not ripen once they are picked!!

****Pick cherries with stems on – stems help to keep cherries fresh!  If you only pull off the fruit and leave the stem on the tree it actually hurts the tree’s ability to grow fruit next season.

Come back to the shed – weigh & pay

Keep your beautiful cherries cool, take them home & enjoy!

REMEMBER – only pick ripe fruit (cherries do not ripen after picking!) and only pick the quantity you want to take home!

Keep them cool – store in the fridge in a loosely closed plastic bag or covered container

Rinse before eating fresh, in a smoothie, poached & spooned over your favourite cereal or icecream, or cook in muffins, cakes, desserts… to mention a few! The possibilities are endless, just Google cherry recipes for some delicious inspiration!

Excess cherries – can very simply be frozen, as they are, flat in freezer bags or freezer containers. Use during the non-cherry season for all your favourite recipes!

to help you enjoy your cherry picking experience even more we have

cold soft drinks and bottled water available

Weekend sausage sizzle for hungry pickers!

Picnic spots overlooking the stunning Onkaparinga Valley – you are welcome to bring your own picnic food & a rug. We thank you for putting your rubbish in the bins provided for your use – let’s keep Australia beautiful.

We hope you have a wonderful cherry picking experience here at Stella Creek!